We have state of art machineries, which develops the product according to the requirements. We ensure to client to maintain the Quality level which meets the Six Sigma Level of Quality Management. The Approach is to satisfy the customer and its requirement to have a long term business relationship.


Industries are not very focused about the packaging of the products, or sometimes the ordinary packaging is to be made. But 3D Technology believes on the standardization which meets the International Level of standards. So our Packaging shall be according to that level, which meets the customer requirements.

Custom Solutions

We have complete setups and ranges with skilled human resources from top to bottom, who can be able to analyze your theme or required product and then can be able to design and developed accordingly. We have not only the state of art machines; we also do have a good engineers and capable staff, who can be able to meet the challenges.

Bulk Order Management

We already have been dealing with the huge and bulk orders and can be able to provide on time. We can also deliver the complete range of products according at your requirement via EXPORT Process.

Project Management

Project Management is key to do the successful business in the International and local market. We develop our motion with projected way with complete set of Plans and its execution. We follow the PMI standards from start to end level of the work.


We have skilled team, who are experts in the fields and installed so many products on different clientele.


3D Technology has been involved in the manufacturing of network, server and customized racks, where we are providing the services that are as under:

  • Manufacturing of Server and Network Racks from 2U - 42U in range
  • Manufacuring of Customized Racks in bulk Quantity
  • Datacenter and Networking Solutions with Installation of Racks or Cabinets

We have state of art teams and expert people, who are involved in the different exercises of Server and Network Rack or Cabinet and Network Installations.

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Our Methodology

Our Methodology is based on very simple strategy that is Planning or Designing, Product Scheduling, Quality Assurance, Controlling and finalizing of the products.


To achieve the targets and goals on time, it is utmost important to have a proper planning and designing of the asking requirements. We have state of art project planners, who design the required products with respect to engineering level and then move it on production site according to prescribed schedule. Our project planners shall make ensure that we can make and fulfill the requirements of our stakeholders or client. Our project planners also know the risk and issues of the projects and according to that we give the actual time for final deliveries of the product.


To organize the work, where which work shall come first and which work shall after and how they are integrated and correlated with each other. The schedule confirms the jobs and time lines. We have complete set of jobs and their schedule with plan and our teams knows very well that when this schedule is started and must be completed on which time.
Our team of experts have a proper training and guidelines that how to obey the standards and meet the requirement of the stakeholders.


End user required the desired output according to his design. Our Quality Assurance procedure will assist and work on the developed and approved standards, which gives the ultimate assurance for finalizing of the product according to the customer requirements.

Manufacturing of Custom Made Designs or Products

3D Technology having a state of art team, who can be able to analyze, design and develop the part according to the requirements.

In Pakistan, there are very few vendors, who can have sufficient background and experience, who can judge and develop your desire parts as per your model. We are one of the organization,

who can have great experienced engineers with sound backgrounds to develop the customize or custom made products

Mechanical Engineering is an exciting/thrilling field of engineering because it encompasses all engineering aspects of almost everything that moves in the universe. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of motion, energy, and force. Generally, a machine converts one form of energy or movement into another. It is the responsibility of engineers to design machines whose parts and assemblies function in a safe and reliable, efficient, and predictable fashion. Indeed, the numerous laws and principles developed by scientists are the everyday tools of the mechanical engineer. Anything the engineer does that is related to the motion and dynamics of heat, gas, air, liquids, solid materials. Smart structures and robotics requires the understanding and application of the underlying basic science.

In the field of Mechanics, there are lots of challenges, but we can work hard and meet the standard and requirement of our stake holder.